There have been a several experiments to create a tool that will simplify creation of .adf files, but I haven't found that is flexible yet simple enough.

Therefore, I've made this one.

exe2adf is a command line tool that will help you create that .adf file in a matter of seconds, eliminating extra stress in the last few minutes before the deadline.

Needless to say, Gotek users will also find it very usable.

But, even with it's amazing simplicity, the exe2adf is complex enough to create exotic floppies with great compexity.

"Created by sceners for sceners"™,
it's currently been actively developed.
(Functionality suggestions welcome!)
Download and enjoy. :))

Quick mode
exe2adf Demo.exe
This will create the .adf of the same name that's will boot and start the exe.

Suggested usage
exe2adf -i Demo.exe -a Demo.adf
This will do same as above, but we suggest that you get used to this format, as then you can easily add extra features.

For the advanced usage help, execute exe2adf without any parameters. *

(* That is, until we write more detailed explanations for advanced features on this site.)
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